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Very friendly and helpful environment. I enjoy the teachers who give gentle corrections and are more participatory in the classes. Uplifting and encouraging atmosphere where I feel challenged, uplifted, and inspired.

– Aurora B.

Peaceful environment, extremely qualified instructors, very clean studio. Wonderful experience. Try it out! You won't regret it!
– Karen R.

Very inviting atmosphere, peaceful experience, and an incredibly wonderful workout! SALT is great!
- Shontelle D.

I like how friendly the staff is and the Holy Yoga that is offered. As someone who loves both yoga and her Christian faith I felt right at home. Don't knock it til you try it!
- Sean C.

What can I say?! Everything was just great! The location is perfect. Even the size of the room is just right. I had such an incredible instructor that I felt right at home, and I was a first timer!
- Cynthia Z.

It’s perfect and it's consistently perfect. Every time I return, I have no doubt that I have made the right decision.
- Pallavi A.

Super friendly staff, exceptionally clean environment, and knowledgeable instructors who are very helpful with beginners like myself.
– Jessica W.

I enjoyed the high quality session, the thoughtful yet professional environment, and the warm personalities of the instructors. It is also nice how they offer a variety of levels for classes, and how each class has the dynamic of a community-type feel.
– Ali T.

It is extremely relaxing. EXTREMELY RELAXING! The Strengthen & Sweat classes are so amazing and highly effective! I absolutely love the fact that I am being eased into working out. It doesn't feel forced or painful, I really appreciate that. I thoroughly enjoy working out and I always end up feeling extremely proud of myself after! For me, SALT is a win-win!
– Rachel G.

I have never been in a more welcoming environment! Everyone said hello, and some really kind people moved their mats up so my friend and I could be in the back of the room. The yoga was difficult, but with some modified poses, I was able to do it. I cannot wait to come back!
- Kate R.

High quality equipment, super friendly environment!

- Margie B.

I like the overall vibe, the wonderful music, classic and thoughtful decorations, mood lighting, and overall energy of the space. SALT is totally different from other yoga places. It’s comfortable and there is no judgment, which I really like. I'm there to enjoy myself, relax, unwind, and get fit, and that's it. The teachers are both knowledgeable and extremely fun.
- Jessica B.

I absolutely adore everything about SALT! From the amazing instructors and the detoxifying heat to the beautiful community, the nurturing atmosphere, and super convenient location... It seems as though they have gotten everything exactly right at SALT.  They spared no expense and thought about the services they offer and the customer experience from every angle.  I absolutely love it here!
- Tiffany B.

Super friendly, NON-judgmental!! Great environment!
- Trinity L.

Your facilities are very clean, instructors are friendly and I love the hot yoga.
- Judy W.