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Try Yoga
10 Days for $10 at SALT

Try Yoga

10 Days for $10 at SALT

New students can try out the studio for 10 consecutive days, taking as many classes as they like, and pay only $10 once! This allows you to experience different teachers and a variety of class styles and time. Come as often as you like during those 10 days.

If you are new to yoga and would like to know more about benefits or information, here are a few fun and interesting facts:

Yoga exercises the mind and body in a wonderfully unique yet powerful way. Yoga changes your brain and your body in many positive ways. Today most people lead such a busy life in our fast paced culture. It is necessary to stop and practice self care. Yoga can help us feel centered, balanced, more relaxed, and overall more mindful. Think about it: Most people rush from one appointment to the next with cell phone in hand. We are consumed with checking email, social media, and text messaging as we go. Psychologists at Harvard conducted a study that shows most people spend their time thinking about what they’re going to do or need to do versus being present in what they’re actually doing. Happiness can only be found when we fully engage in the present moment. Yoga invites us to slow our pace, relax, and focus fully on the present moment.

Yoga is more than just stretching. Although it does deeply benefit your joints, muscles, and posture, yoga is a combination of three different things: breathing patterns, different postures, and relaxation. Did you know that just a few minutes of yoga can relax and destress your mind and body. Daily life and stressors build up and accumulate tension within our muscles. Yoga greatly helps to release tension by calming your mind and relaxing your muscles. Yoga keeps positive and pure energy flowing through the body.  According to one Norwegian study, yoga actually boosts the immune system on a cellular and genetic level. In some cases, yoga can reduce food cravings and overeating.

Do not be surprised if you find yourself more relaxed, happier, and content. Yoga is a mood booster that can strengthen core muscles and improve overall cardiovascular health. Did you know that Henry David Thoreau was a practitioner of yoga? Thoreau wrote a letter to a friend in 1849 and referred to himself as a “yogi.” How cool is it that Henry David Thoreau, the author of Walden Pond, knew all about the wonderful benefits of yoga?! Incomparable musician, Sting said, “Yoga is almost like music in a way; there’s no end to it.”

Did you know that following a consistent yoga practice can help reverse the aging process? Yoga can truly help you look more vibrant and youthful. Research has shown that a consistent yoga practice can help to decrease inflammation and promote better long term overall health. Yoga is a proven science with origins that date back thousands of years. The theories and concepts behind yoga are being proven by science today. The word yoga actually means “union” with the Divine spirit of God. How sweet and beautiful, right?

Come join us and check out our class offerings at Salt. With our classes, we seek to provide inner peace, healing, equilibrium, and respite from the outside world.

Our 10 days for $10 offer may be experienced at both of our studios, but should be used at the studio in which it was purchased. This introductory package is only for new clients and expires 9 days after the first class.

What to bring to class:

Wear comfortable clothing.  Pants or shorts with some stretch are ideal to move comfortably.  A sports bra, tank, or t-shirt is great up top as the room is warm.

We have mats, water, towels, and yoga props at the studio.  You are welcome to bring your own or borrow ours!

We practice barefoot, so you will not need any footwear for yoga class.