Restore & Meditate

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Restore & Meditate

This gentle yoga class is perfect for beginners or anyone desiring a less intense class. We focus on breathing and stretching with total relaxation and focus. Leave with increased mental clarity and less stress and muscle tension. 

restore and meditate yoga class

All Levels

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Duration: 1 Hour

Age: 13+

restore and meditate yoga class

The instructors are very good about choosing the right yoga moves that I need.

As an older person I find that my range of motion and balance have improved immensely. I appreciate the sessions very much!

– Adrienne M.


Jahan Mostofi

Born in LA, raised in Santa Fe and currently residing in T-town with his Labrador Retriever Aspen, Jahan is always dancing with mother nature’s energy. He loves embracing the outdoors from the deep blue sea to the Rocky Mountains. He has practiced yoga since the mid 1990s, studied around the globe and started teaching in 2015.

Class Description: His class is designed to be playful, yet challenging.