Restore & Meditate

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Restore & Meditate

This gentle yoga class is perfect for beginners or anyone desiring a less intense class. We focus on breathing and stretching with total relaxation and focus. Leave with increased mental clarity and less stress and muscle tension. 

All Levels

Not Hot

Duration: 1 Hour

Age: 13+

The instructors are very good about choosing the right yoga moves that I need.

As an older person I find that my range of motion and balance have improved immensely. I appreciate the sessions very much!

– Adrienne M.


Kristi Posey

Kristi began her yoga practice to merely exercise. Within a short time however, yoga transformed into so much more than simply breaking a sweat. It infiltrated her life. And today she strives to live her yoga practice both on and off her mat. A native Tulsan, she loves sharing her passion for yoga with the community.

Class Description: A powerful vinyasa-flow, fast-paced, music-driven class. Modifiable to all levels.