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Our Story

Two yoga-loving stay-at-home moms wanted to create a yoga studio that broke the mold.

We (Teresa and Michelle) hoped that Tulsa would embrace the idea of a yoga studio that was as elegant as it was strong and as inviting as it was challenging. We thought Utica Square would be the perfect location! We truly felt that this had to be a place where WE would want to practice yoga. If we were the only two people showing up for class, so be it. The name SALT came straight from the Bible. Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth” inspired us to go for it!  The word “salt” just jumped off the page. From that moment on, all of the obvious uses and associations to what salt is and does became the theme for our studio. Salt is a necessary mineral that has been used by all cultures throughout time.  Salt can be used as a delicious seasoning, a preservative or disinfectant, and an effective skin exfoliant. Symbolically speaking, salt can be used to represent value, loyalty, purification or fidelity.  Roman soldiers were paid their wages in salt and the Greeks believed that salt was truly divine. From ancient times until now, salt had remained indispensable. Salt is essential to our health. It’s one of the five basic tastes and it helps to maintain our health. Bottom line: There are innumerable ways to utilize salt, and we need salt to survive. Here at Salt Yoga, we strive to be an agent of change as well as a place for healing, indulgence, and preservation. Each day our floors catch sweat and tears, making them all the more salty. This is an unconventional foundation on which to build a yoga studio but we are ready to blaze a trail with this concept and idea.

Liz, our former Utica Square manager, brought Holy Yoga to Salt and it is the heartbeat of our space. While our regular Strengthen and Sweat classes get most of the attention, our 3 free Holy Yoga classes every week are what make us truly stand out from other studios. Holy Yoga is Christ-centered yoga that takes the mind/body/breath experience to a whole new level when movement meets Creator.

We have two locations, and our South studio was born out of the sheer determination that Holly brought to the group. She was positive that South Tulsa needed and wanted Salt, and she was right! With Keri, our Lead Instructor, as the manager, Salt South’s spacious and accommodating atmosphere quickly filled with everyone from the serious practitioner to the curious first-timer. We are happy to say that both studios maintain their own identity while sharing a common theme that yoga is fun and is available to everyone. We strive to make every person who walks through our door feel welcome and appreciated.

Our studios have come to mean so much to us and our families. We are so grateful for the way Tulsa has embraced and encouraged Salt’s growth and success, and if we haven’t met you yet, we hope to see you at one of the studios soon!


Michelle, Teresa, and Holly


An interesting side note:
We mentioned our inspiration from the verse Matthew 5:13. Teresa’s oldest son’s name is Matthew and his birthday is 5/13. This is just one of the ways our studio has shown us that we’ve had someone watching over us from the very beginning.