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10 Days for $10 at SALT 10 Days for $10learn how »


We have developed our pricing plans with affordability in mind for a variety of budgets.

At SALT, we believe yoga is for everybody. Here are pricing packages that we have designed just for you.


$15 per class

$12 for Students


5 classes – $70 (to use within 60 days of first visit)

1 month unlimited – $170

6 months unlimited – $750

1 year unlimited – $1,400


$150 per month

$119 for college students

$99 for high school students




By appointment only. For availability, email (South) and (Utica).

Class Cancellation/No Show Policy
SALT Yoga at Utica Square

Early Cancel

If you book a spot at our Utica Square location via the SALT Yoga app, cancellations must be submitted at least 30 minutes prior to class.  Clients may Early Cancel a booked class 30 minutes or more before class with no penalty.  Class cancellations may be submitted via the SALT app or by calling the studio at 918-392-7888.

Late Cancel: $10

We understand sometimes an unexpected absence may occur.  Every client is allotted ONE grace Late Cancel (cancelling less than 30 minutes prior to the start of class) every month.  However, every Late Cancel thereafter will result in a $10 charge.

No Show/No Cancel: $15

A No Show/No Cancel is defined as reserving a spot in a class and failing to attend and failing to cancel out of the class.  We ask that you ALWAYS cancel out of any class you can not attend.  If you reserve a spot and do not cancel out of class, this will incur an automatic $15 charge.  This policy applies to ALL clients, on ALL plans.  There is NO grace occurrence and there is NO waiving of the No Show/No Cancel $15 fee.

This policy is aimed to be a preventative measure rather than a penalty.  Demand for our classes is high.  No Shows/No Cancels limit others from participating in classes which in turn impacts how much the instructor earns from that class.

Please note:  It is your responsibility to make sure you are checked into each class via the kiosk or via the instructor.



We are unable to issue refunds on any yoga packages or gift cards.  Gift cards may be redeemed for yoga classes or apparel at the SALT location in which it was purchased. Packages are non-transferable between studios and need to be used at the studio in which it was purchased, but feel free to drop-in at either studio.

*3-month minimum commitment; 3 days notice in writing required for cancellation

**Can be used at both locations