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Keri edwardes

Studio Manager, Director of Instruction


Keri believes a strong, healthy body is the way to a strong, healthy mind + spirit. Keri’s classes are challenging and encourage students to reach their full potential. Feel free to explore more advanced variations of poses, or just relax in the room. She believes in making the most out of this precious life we have been given.
Class Description: Meet your physical edge in this powerful and challenging class. Be prepared for long holds and sweaty brows.



Morgan teaches a sweet, sweaty, and soulful vinyasa style class. She invites students to embark on a powerful journey founded on conscious breathing and mindful movement. Morgan’s classes aim to reconnect the mind, body + heart. Her practice assists students in gaining the tools necessary to remove barriers to experiencing full love and joy.

Class Description:  Morgan’s teaching style is powerful, yet peaceful. Leave Morgan’s class feeling alive, calm, alert, and in tune with your best self.

Cassidy Pierce


As an avid trail runner and formally trained ceramics artist, Cassidy’s body has endured lots of intense training and long hours spent on the potters wheel. She initially added yoga into her routine as a way to complement her other physical activities. However, she quickly fell in love with it and yoga became so much more than that! She discovered the techniques found in yoga benefit her running, the way she moves and breathes throughout her day, and her overall wellbeing.

Class Description: Cassidy’s classes are breath-based powerful flows, strategically sequenced in order to work the body towards one or more peak poses. She focuses on getting out of the mind and into the body through dynamic movements and having fun! Cassidy works hard to challenge her students physically in a secure space so that any level of practitioner can enjoy her class.

Kristi Posey


Kristi began her yoga practice to merely exercise. Within a short time however, yoga transformed into so much more than simply breaking a sweat. It infiltrated her life. And today she strives to live her yoga practice both on and off her mat. A native Tulsan, she loves sharing her passion for yoga with the community.

Class Description: A powerful vinyasa-flow, fast-paced, music-driven class. Modifiable to all levels.

Ana Berry


Ana discovered her love for yoga with a Rodney Yee VHS tape at age 12. That discovery has continued to guide her through the constant vinyasa of life with many years of both practicing and teaching.

Class Description:Ana’s class shows us the flexibility in both our bodies and in our spirits. Her flow incorporates intentional movement that is strengthening and lengthening, and often challenging. Guided meditations, visualizations and inspiring music make Ana’s class a well rounded experience for all levels.

Taylor McMillan


Taylor received her training in Rishikesh, India. Although her training was very traditional, she likes to teach with high energy and out of the box sequencing. Taylor believes the benefits of getting on your mat and taking time for yourself and your body creates space for more joy and happiness in all other aspects of your life.

Class Description:  Power vinyasa flow, linking breath to movement. Fun and upbeat music. All levels welcome.

Shurayah Wilkerson

TEACHING SINCE:  2014   CERTIFICATION: E-RHY500 + Emotional Trauma Release

Shurayah has been a student of yoga for over 10 years but began a consistent practice as a new mom looking for respite. Soon after, the freedom and healing she found on her mat through a deeper relationship with God sparked her long suppressed desire to go through teacher training in hopes to hold space for others to experience faith and freedom in the safety of their mat. Expect her Hatha inspired classes to focus on a holistic approach to yoga. Incoprating breathework, alignment, strength and surrender that goes beyond the physical and taps into emotional and spiritual health for mind and soul.

Class Description:  Come and enjoy the safety and freedom on your mat in a breath based, Holy Spirit guided, Holy Yoga worship flow that invigorates the mind and body to bring your spirit and soul into wholeness & health.

Ashley Dolk


Ashley’s yoga journey began in 2014 right here at SALT.  Her love for the practice lead to teacher training in 2016 and she has been teaching and learning ever since. Ashley strives to empower her students to develop a sustainable lifelong movement practice on and off the mat so that they may navigate the ebbs and flows of life with grace and laughter.  Ashley’s classes offer a perfect balance of support for beginners and challenge for seasoned practitioners.

Class Description: Thoughtfully designed Creative, dynamic and fun flows with a focus on functional movement and core strength.  Work your body and your mind to an eclectic playlist. 

Ashley Dolk
rachael eraker

Rachael Eraker


Rachael began practicing at SALT and it quickly became her passion to learn and practice as much as possible. She immersed herself in the 200 hour training at EYS in Tulsa and began teaching the moment she graduated. Being an athlete all of her life, yoga has brought a calmness to the intensity of her other passion, endurance running. She knows people are capable of much more than they realize and will guide them beyond their expectations through the practice of power yoga.

Class Description:  Powerful endurance practice, with repetitions and long holding poses. Come for the challenge, stay for the madness!

Jahan Mostofi


Born in LA, raised in Santa Fe and currently residing in T-town with his Labrador Retriever Aspen, Jahan is always dancing with mother nature’s energy. He loves embracing the outdoors from the deep blue sea to the Rocky Mountains. He has practiced yoga since the mid 1990s, studied around the globe and started teaching in 2015. 

Class Description: His class is designed to be playful, yet challenging.

Jahan Mostofi
rachael eraker

Erin Fore


Erin is a native Tulsan who has traveled to the ends of the Earth to explore the vast, colorful world of Yoga. She began learning Ashtanga in 2005 as a student at the University of Oklahoma. After a move to Maui in 2011, she earned her 200 RYT through Maui Hot Yoga and has been teaching ever since. In 2013 the practice brought her to Mysore, India for three months to study with senior Ashtangi BNS Iyengar. She continues to bolster her own study, incorporating gems from various teachers and traditions.

Extensive training in structural bodywork lends a unique angle to her approach, mainly focused around mitigating the demands that modern life makes on our bodies and nervous system. Her well-rounded postural sequences keep students feeling open and poised.