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Our instructors are really what make SALT shine! All are RYT-200 certified (at least 200 hours of teacher training) and are excellent yoga teachers from a technical point of view. But what makes our instructors special are the principles they adhere to beyond the technical. They understand that students thrive in a positive, encouraging, and motivating atmosphere. They truly love teaching yoga and it shows! Whether you are an experienced student seeking growth or someone who has never taken a yoga class, we would be honored to meet you where you are and assist you in taking your body to places of strength and achievement you never thought possible!


Keri Edwardes

Keri Edwardes has been teaching power yoga for nearly ten years. She believes a strong, healthy body is the way to a strong, healthy mind and spirit. Her classes are challenging and encourage students to reach their full potential as a human being. You are free to explore more advanced variations of poses, or to relax and just be in the room. She believes in making the most out of this precious life we have been given.

Class Description: Meet your physical edge in this powerful and challenging class.  Be prepared for long holds.


Kris Allison

Kris received her training at the school of Hot Yoga in Washington D.C. In 2006 and has been teaching ever since. She is fascinated by anatomy and loves continually learning more about the human body. Her classes are relaxed yet challenging alignment based flow classes guided by breath. Kris weaves aspects of therapeutic yoga into her classes to help students build a practice that can last a lifetime.

Class Description: Relaxed yet challenging alignment based flow guided by breath.


Dana Morris

Dana has been teaching Children’s Yoga since 2011.  She is THRILLED to be offering children’s classes at a studio in Tulsa!  Her classes are a fusion of yoga and conscious play sprinkled with storytelling, song and dance, and a little art on top.

Class Description: Dana’s classes will inspire the next generation of yogis through a fusion of yoga and conscious play.


Ayngel McNall

When Ayngel discovered yoga in 2009 as an elementary school teacher, her love for teaching almost instantly led her to yoga teacher training. Ayngel’s overall goal in teaching is to provide people with the tools, environment, and subtle guidance they need to make their own connections.

Class Description: A breath based vinyasa flow with good tunes.  Beginners & long-timers welcome.


Maria Hanna

Maria’s fluid vinyasa class focuses on breath to movement, proper alignment, and an awakening of the core. She welcomes all levels to the mat, and will safely guide students through a challenging, yet mindful practice. Through the use of breath, body, and mind connection, Maria strives to offer a yoga practice that melts stress and tension away; restoring the body to a well balanced, and rejuvenated state. She is excited to meet everyone who passes through the doors of SALT!

Class Description: Lengthen, twist, balance, root and rise with intention, power, and mindfulness.  Move with your breath and an open heart.


Annie Clark, E-RYT 500

Since 1996, Annie’s yoga mat has been her chief therapist. Although the hectic job was replaced by the demands of family, mutts, degrees, businesses and included 6 moves in 2 countries, the practice of yoga has kept her sane, as honest as she can be and continually grateful for what’s right in front of her. Annie’s classes are challenging and alignment based. They are infused with humor and a “keeping it real” sensibility that comes from life and yoga experience (Annie is E-RYT 500 registered). Annie believes that you are your best teacher so stop running (unless it’s to class) and get comfortable in your body and breath. Practice and all is coming.

Class Description:  Annie’s classes infuse inspiration and stillness in an alignment based flow to challenge the body, balance the mind and nurture the soul.


Whitney Walrath

Whitney believes yoga is for everyone and no matter your reason for stepping on your mat, yoga will only enrich, not take away from, your life. So whether you are just beginning a practice for the first time or you’ve been doing yoga for years, whether you’re coming for yoga’s physical benefit or to de-stress, her classes are accessible to people of all levels of experience and all walks of life. Expect some fun music and sequences, and lots of energy.

Class Description: Challenge the way you’ve always done it.   Mind the moment.  Energize. Smile.



Michael Siegle

Michael awakened to the practice of embodied movement in 2008.  After years of studying to be an Engineer, he became acutely aware of the damage done while sitting in a chair.  His determination to reverse the physical path he was on softened into a passion for the practice of yoga.  In 2014, he trained with Shiva Rea in the art of Prana Vinyasa Flow ™.

His intention is to explore HOW we move as opposed to WHERE we move our bodies within the confines of our own evolutionary edge.  His classes are slow and strong to decouple the mind from unconscious movement patterns.  This instills an awareness and appreciation for each of our own unique kinetic dynamics.  Freedom of movement is encouraged as we explore this connection with all of humanity.

Class Description: Clear one’s cluttered mind.  Free form expressive movement.  Sacred breath endures.


Molly Smith

Molly Smith is a certified Holy Yoga instructor, and began teaching at SALT in June 2015. She enjoys facilitating an experience where others can meet God on their mat. Molly’s Holy Yoga classes combine Ashtanga style yoga with Christian spirituality and are great for all levels of students who come with an open heart and mind.

Class Description:   Setting our intention on God and strengthening and stretching our bodies to honor him.


Margot Ballard

Margot believes that yoga is for everyone. She cultivates a sincere and authentic setting in class to practice being the best versions of us on and off the mat. Her deep love of learning and resonation with the practice of yoga allows her to stay present and to continue on the path of self-exploration. She strives to create an inviting space for her students to feel grounded and to explore their practices in a safe and inquisitive way.

Class Description: Strengthening and mindful movements accompanied by an essence of empowerment and lessons we can take off of our mat and into our daily lives.


Morgan Dickerson

Morgan Dickerson (E-RYT 200/RYT 500) teaches a sweet, sweaty, and soulful vinyasa style class. She invites students to embark on a powerful journey founded on conscious breathing and mindful movement. Morgan’s teaching style is powerful, yet peaceful. Leave Morgan’s class feeling alive, calm, alert, and in tune with your best self. Morgan has been teaching since 2013, after training with Live Love Teach, and also teaches meditation.

Class Description: Morgan’s classes aim to not only reconnect the mind, body, and heart, but to help students gain the tools necessary to remove any, and all, barriers to their experience of love and of joy.


Veronica Baker

Born in Southern California, Veronica Baker grew up surfing and started practicing Ashtanga yoga at 15. She became a professional surfer at 17 and traveled the world living her dream. As an RYT200, she has a new dream: to share yoga and make people smile.

Class Description: Dynamic flow influenced by power yoga with isometric holds and core strengthening, oh and music…Rad!


Katherine Gallegos

A devout follower of Christ and lover of yoga, Katherine decided to join the 2 by getting certified to teach Holy Yoga. She loves bringing Luke 10:27 alive by loving God with all her heart, all her soul, all her strength, and all her mind by practicing and teaching Holy Yoga.


Rachel Moss

Rachel invites students to try new things and take themselves to their physical edge, ultimately helping them o connect with their body and mind on new levels.  With a background in ballet, Rachel likes to combine creative sequencing; strong, fluid movement; and a fun playlist to keep her class lighthearted.  Rachel’s classes are challenging but offer modifications to make her class accessible to all levels.

Class Description:  A challenging, lighthearted, breath-based flow for all levels. Be ready to sweat and smile!


Ashlee Buchert

I’ve been in the fitness Industry since I was 19 (13 years now). I’ve got a masters in exercise science so basically I’m a fitness loving Gym rat personal trainer turned yogi 😜. Found my love for yoga about 5 years ago when I stumbled into HOT YOGA and it changed my fitness mentality for the better! After practicing for 3 years I completed my 200 hour essential yoga training in Boise ID! Been teaching for almost 2 years now. I love bringing the fitness energy into my yoga classes! My mission is to find those just like me 5 years ago, and show them how yoga can truly add value and balance to what they already do!


Kristi Posey

Kristi began her yoga practice as a means of pure exercise. Within a short time, however, yoga transformed into so much more than simply breaking a sweat. It infiltrated her life, and she strives to live her yoga practice both on and off her mat. A native Tulsan, she loves sharing this love with her community.

Class Description: A fast-paced, music-driven class, powerful Vinyasa class – modifiable to all levels